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Corporate Team Building


Racing against the clock and competition - and for their team - on Track 1 at F1 Boston     Andretti Nov-7723

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Tracks have the most advanced indoor karts in the world, karts deliver optimal speed and safety. Powerful engines allow the karts can reach up to 45 mph. With outstanding shock stability and shaft steering, driving comfort and agility are maximized.


Corporate groups can request EXCLUSIVE USE of our indoor race tracks, most tracks are  a quarter mile in length.  With multiple chicanes and straight-aways for speed, every racer will embrace the quarter and half mile courses whether they are a novice or experienced kart driver.

Indoor Kartings state of the art timing system will place your scores on monitors surrounding the track as well as print out all of your results including finishing place, best lap, average lap, and more.  When your race is done, compare times to see who earned bragging rights!

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No matter the format choice, drivers speed through 12 to 16 laps per race giving three miles of kart racing fun.


Fastest Lap Format is available for group events

The fastest lap indoor kart race format gives drivers of every skill level the chance to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush. The most popular format for groups that just want to have fun, drivers begin in a random order and race in a timed session. The driver with the fastest lap time wins the race. For group events, the slowest driver wins the award for “Top Turtle.”


Pole Position Format is only available for group events

Just like NASCAR races, the pole position format has drivers competing for position instead of time.  With initial qualifying laps for starting position, drivers are lined up according to their best lap times in the main heat. The driver that crosses the finish line first, is declared the race winner.

Team Relay Format is only available for group events

Team Relay consists of a briefing, warm-up laps, a team strategy session, and a timed indoor kart race. Multiple racers make up a team driving one kart competing against other teams. There are a required number of pit stops and driver changes. The team that completes the most laps is declared the winner.  Track Marshals can customize all of the race details with the participants including strategy, use of color-coded team signs and coordination of pit stops.

Formats vary from track to track and special formats for Corporate Events can be done on request.


Measure your ability to work as a team with this hands-on activity.

Pit Crew Challenge is a unique experience where your group changes the tire on an actual NASCAR race car just like the professional pit crews. From lug nuts to tire jacks, this enhancement will have the entire team working as a well-oiled machine.

F1 Boston Teambuilding2





The world’s first self-balancing personal transporter, the Segway uses gyroscopes, tilt sensors, and electric motors to balance by itself, enabling its rider to control the machine simply by leaning. The activity includes a training session and two attempts on the course.


This option only available at select locations

RockWall.1climberROCK CLIMBING

Race to the summit of the 21-foot rock climbing wall. With two identical climbing stations, challenge your friends to a friendly competition or encourage each other through the ascent. Each climbing stations is equipped with a state of the art auto-belay system ensuring climbers’ safety.

These attractions vary in size and scope from location to location among those that offer this option.






Have fun and unwind with your friends, family or co-workers in our Billiards room. The most intimate of all of the facilities event rooms allows people to enjoy each other’s company while playing pool, grabbing a bite to eat and watching friends compete on the two tracks.  The Billiards room is available as an hourly rental, and may also be included as a component of a group event.

21FX17246  The Billiards Room has 7 pro tables  private bar  lounge area  darts and more!


This option varies in size and availibility based upon location.



Activities_ArcadeARCADE GAMES

Indoor Kart tracks provide even more opportunities to play! If you crave excitement of a different kind, the track’s arcade is packed with a variety of head-to-head competition games as well as your favorite sporting games. The arcade features racing simulators, foosball, air hockey and pinball.








Bar and Grill serves up great food complemented by a selection of beverages including domestic and premium beer, and a variety of wines by the glass. Enjoy a great view of the racing action on the track or cheer on your favorite sports team on one of 40 TVs.

The menu features reasonably priced and freshly prepared appetizers, entrees, and beverages.

All regular menu items as well as additional selections are available for in-house group event catering. Preferred catering is also available. Please contact our sales executives for any special requests.





To maintain the highly effective kart racing safety standards, the following driver requirements have been developed:

All adult kart drivers must be at least 16 years old with a valid state issued ID. Junior drivers must be at least 10 years old. Upon arrival, the first step is to fill out a liability waiver. Racers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver or download the minor waiver form and have it notarized if parent/guardian will not be present. All drivers must be at least 52” (4′ 4″) tall and ready to race with closed toe shoes. Very few tracks offer two seat karts for adults or juniors.

All racers must watch a short kart racing safety video covering the karts, track and other racing guidelines. Each guest receives safety equipment including a DOT approved full face helmet, head sock and a race suit (suit optional). Our race karts are high performance racing machines with multiple built in safety features including a roll bar and a safety harness.


Once the race begins the track marshals are in charge. Utilizing race flags and lights, the track marshals will control the race’s pace and passing on the track. Track marshals have the final determination as to whether or not a racer may continue after being black flagged.

NO BUMPING. For the safety of all racers on the track, any racer that is driving inappropriately by contacting the barriers or other karts will be immediately removed from the track.

Flags in Indoor Kart Racing :

  • Green: Start!
  • Yellow: Caution (the first and last lap are full course caution laps, there is no passing during a yellow lap)
  • Blue: Passing – Please move over and let the faster traffic pass you
  • Red: Stop – Come to a complete stop and wait for further instructions
  • Black: Penalty – Pull over and talk to the track marshal due to improper driving
  • Rules may vary slightly from location to location